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Rapha Healthcare Systems through its clinics and partnership with Population Services International is offering Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision services for FREE!

What Is VMMC?
Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) is the removal of the skin that covers the head of the male organ. If you decide to go for VMMC you will be circumcised by doctors and nurses who have been trained and certified by the Ministry of Health and Child Care as per World Health Organisation WHO standards.

Why should I get circumcised
VMMC provides protection against HIV by 60%, improves hygiene of the male organ, and reduces the chances of contracting some STIs. VMMC also gives some protection against penile cancer in men and cervical cancer in the female partner.

How does circumcision protect men from HIV?
The inner part of the foreskin is soft and moist and at risk to small cuts and bruises during sexxual intercourse, making it easier for the virus to enter the body. After circumcision, the thicker skin which is less likely to tear remains making it more difficult for the virus to enter the body. VMMC provides partial protection against HIV, therefore you should continue to use condoms every time be faithful to one partner and/or abstain from sex.

How is VMMC done?
The procedure takes a short time and is available for FREE at Rapha Clinics. An injection is given at the base of the penis to make it go numb so that np pain is felt while the foreskin is being removed. The wound is then stitched, cleaned and bandaged.

Get circumcised to day and live 

Available @Joina City Medical Centre
Chinotimba Medical Centre
Rapha Clinic in Highlands

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Available @Joina City Medical Centre
Chinotimba Medical Centre
Rapha Clinic in Highlands

The diagnostic imaging services (also known as radiology and X-ray), are available at Radon Radiology services.

The Radon Radiology Services provides a wide range of diagnostic examinations, with a variety of imaging modalities. These examinations include plain radiography (X-rays), ultrasound, fluoroscopy (X-ray screening),  mammography and obstetric scanning.

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The services are available @ Radon Radiology

For Female
– Family planning services these covers pills and all family planning methods
– Pre-natal
– Post natal delivery services
– Maternity and delivery services (@CMC24HR)

For Male
– Male circumcision services
– Vasectomy prcoedures
– Erectile dysfunction counselling and treatments

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Reproductive Healthcare services available @
Joina Medical Centre
Rapha Clinic in Chisipite
Chinotimba Medical Centre – Vic falls

1. Pre-emploment medicals for any type of industry
2. Pneumoconiosis as required by NSSA and also for staff fitness
3. Food handlers medicals
4. Post-employment medical services
5. Drivers examiniations

+263(4) 123 456

Located at Chinotimba Medical Centre in Victoria Falls, the 24 Hour Emergency Department is equipped to handle any medical emergencies around the clock every day. Our team of multi-disciplinary paramedics, nurses and doctors are at hand to ensure your condition is properly assessed and managed. We have specialists and surgeons on call 24 hours to help attend to your medical condition.

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+2630775 123 456

1. Treatment of international or expatriate staff
2. Medicals as required for those going on international missions or deployments
3. Student medicals as required by various international universities or colleges
4. Visa medicals i.e. Chinese and South Africa visa medicals

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Available @Joina City Medical Centre
Chinotimba Medical Centre
Rapha Clinic in Highlands

We Provide Yellow Fever Vaccinations

Trusted vaccination center for those intending to travel.

Zimbabwe is a country that requires yellow fever vaccination for travelers over the age of 9 months arriving from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission. Yellow fever vaccination is also required for travelers who will have transited more than 12 hours through the airport of a country with risk of yellow fever transmission. People travelling to countries with risk of yellow fever transmission should be vaccinated 10 days before departure.
Yellow fever causes both an “urban” human disease transmitted from person to person by bites of the infected Aedes Agypti mosquito and a “jungle” animal infection, which transmit the virus to each other and sometimes to humans by other species other than Aedes Agypti.
These usually would set in within 3 to 6 days after infection with the following symptoms: Headache, Backache, Muscular pains.
Rise in temperature usually occur on the 3rd and 4th day, these symptoms may subside and 3 to 5 days later the temperature again rises.

In accordance with the amendment to the IHR (2005) adopted by the world Health Assembly in resolution WHA67.13, “from 11 July 2016 the period of validity for all certificates of vaccination against yellow fever changes from 10 years to the duration of the life of the person vaccinated, including for certificates already issued and new certificates. Accordingly as of 11 July 2016, certificates of vaccination presented by arriving travelers cannot be rejected on the grounds that more than 10 years have passed since the date vaccination became effective as stated on the certificate, boosters or revaccination cannot be required.

–Courtesy of The Ministry of Health and Child Care .

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