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Joina City Medical Centre

Rapha @ Joina City

Joina Medical Centre is located at the heart of the CBD of Harare. There is convenient and secure parking available for our clients. The medical centre offers the following services: General Practitioner services Family Planning services Male Circumcision Vaccinations Occupational Health services Xrays, Ultrasound Scanning & Mamography

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2nd Floor Joina City

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Chinotimba Medical Centre

Rapha in Victoria Falls

Chinotimba Medical Centre is located in the luxurious town of Victoria Falls. At CMC we offer the following Services: 24 Hr Emergency Services Martenity Care Pre-natal & Post-natal services Admissions Out-patient department Vaccinations

24Hr Emergency services

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Chinotimba, Vic Falls, Zimbabwe

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Radon Radiology Services

Specialized in Ultrasound

Radon Radiology is where our  diagnostic imaging department provides a wide range of diagnostic examinations, with a variety of imaging modalities. These examinations include plain radiography (X-rays), ultrasound, fluoroscopy (X-ray screening), mammography and obstetric scanning.

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@Joina City, Harare, Zimbabwe

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Rapha @ Highlands

Rapha @ Highlands

Rapha Clinic in Highlands has easy secure parking for all visitors. The following services are available: General practitioner Family Planning Male Circumcision Yellow Fever – Vaccinations